About Me


I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information.

I am a recipient of the 2021 Social Science and Humanities Research Fellowship awarded by the Ministry of Education Singapore.

I was the inaugural Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow in 2014 and spent two years in Stanford University as a postdoctoral researcher at the Virtual Human Interaction Lab in the Department of Communication.

I study the effects of communication and media technologies on human behavior and psychology. This has revolved around two key areas:

First, the use of virtual/mixed reality technologies as a tool for digital interventions, especially in the areas of physical health, empathy, mental/social wellbeing and pro-environmental behaviour.

Second, the experience of fatigue as a result of media and communication technology use, manifesting through information fatigue and videoconference fatigue, among other consequences.

Other research interests include human-computer interaction, avatars, and multimodal sensory experiences in mixed reality.

I have collaborated with several institutions, including the Stanford Prevention Research Center (USA), the Ministry of Health (Singapore), the Health Promotion Board (Singapore), and the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (Singapore) in the development and testing of digital health interventions. My work has been published in journals such as New Media and Society, Computers in Human Behavior, Frontiers in Psychology and Media Psychology.


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